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F.H.U. Malec

F.H.U. A.MALEC has operated in Siepraw since 1994. The firm handles the selection and sale of stationary, submersible, depth and circulating pumps, hydrophore sets, diaphragm and zinc-coated vessels as well as a wide range of accessories. The pumps offered by MALEC are systems manufactured by the leading global ad Polish manufacturers who have extensive experience in their field of business (PEDROLLO, IMERA, ZILMET, ELBI, ITALTECNICA, AMG, DAB, HYDRO-VACUUM, L.F.P LESZNO, WILO, etc.). We are an authorised dealer of HYDRO-VACUUM GRUDZIĄDZ.

Our offer is addressed to supermarkets, trade companies, installers and individual users. It contains a great diversity of technical types and specifications among which the most expansive group are pumps providing single farms, single- and multi-family houses with potable water as well as pumps used in farming, construction sector and industry. Apart from standard devices, we offer innovative multi-pump systems based on stationary vertical pumps, non-typical pumps designed to transport natural gas, fuels such as gasoline and diesel oil, as well as hot, heavily polluted and aggressive fluids.

Our firm provides complex consulting services and professional selection of pumps whose specifications meet the customer's requirements. It is possible to select a few replacements for each type of pump with the same specifications, but coming from different producers at different prices.

Our firm handles wholesale and retail sale.
It is a member of the Galician Chamber of Commerce.


32-447 Siepraw
ul. Jana Pawla II 23a

Tel: (012) 270 49 48
Fax: (012) 256 57 31
e-mail: info@malec-pompy.pl

Tel: (012) 270 49 48
int. 24 (Tomek)
int. 25 (Magda)

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